Josh is a father of three, a successful business owner, and a lifelong New Yorker with a strong commitment to community and a reputation for getting things done. 

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Josh Eisen is a successful business owner, educator, and community volunteer with a rich family history of overcoming adversity. His father survived Auschwitz and the Communist Revolution in Hungary, inspiring Josh with a deep appreciation for American freedom and the opportunities it provides. Eisen is running for Senate to bring a new approach to addressing the challenges faced by communities, emphasizing the need for minimal government interference and promoting business and individual empowerment.

Josh Eisen focuses on creating jobs, empowering employees, and addressing healthcare and long-term care challenges. He advocates for strong communities as the foundation of a strong nation and believes in the importance of hard work, discipline, and minimal government intervention in achieving success. His campaign emphasizes the need for new leadership to tackle the unaddressed pains and challenges within the community and the countr

Josh Eisen criticizes incumbent Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for her long tenure and what he perceives as ineffective leadership. He proposes a different approach to dealing with business regulation and community engagement, focusing on questioning big government and promoting solutions that empower communities and businesses. Eisen’s candidacy represents his belief in the necessity of change and a fresh perspective in the U.S. Senate, aiming to address issues that he feels have been neglected by the current representation. 

New York is not attractive to businesses.

As a successful businessman, Josh will put companies and workers first and the elitists last.

New York’s Business Climate

The Issues

Priority Issues for a Stronger Community

Accessible Healthcare

Josh Eisen advocates for healthcare choice and access, emphasizing the right to healthcare while opposing Medicare-for-all. Solutions should incentivize healthy living and ensure that healthcare is a human right within sustainable and realistic frameworks.

Economic Growth & Development

Improving the business climate is crucial. Josh Eisen’s approach includes practical solutions for lowering taxes and creating a business-friendly environment, learning from past missteps to prioritize job creation and economic expansion.

Fair Taxation and Fiscal Responsibility

Addressing the SALT deduction cap and promoting fiscal policies that do not overburden New York taxpayers are key goals. Eisen’s policy aims for a balanced federal budget that respects the contributions of New York’s residents and promotes economic fairness.

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Josh is a father of three, a successful business owner, and a lifelong New Yorker with a strong commitment to community and a reputation for getting things done.